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every generation of talented people out the leading position for hundreds of years, this sentence on the basketball court is still the fallacy of the everlasting. I want to when Yao Ming has not retired, is the national basketball and sports China undisputed first person. In recent years with Yao Ming and general Yi Jianlian became the national basketball retired brother, but Guo Ailun just finished the 16-17 season CBA League and Ding Yan Yu Hang showed strong strength, on the first domestic basketball debate followed. Yi Jianlian now can say who is a veteran Yi Jianlian, last season's play is still stable or a foreign aid like existence. There are to be 21.9 points in the CBA all twenty-seventh players averaging 10.1 re cheap jordans online bounds in the nineteenth row, averaging 1.4 blocks from the data is still one of the few pairs of players. But the decline is also evident in the playoffs and two weeks Qi showdown can be said to be close, Guangdong is the Xinjiang team to a big score 4-0 out. In the aspect of personal honor before Yi Jianlian are domestic players fully deserve MVP, domestic players last season MVP was Shandong's Ding Yanyu Airlines gains. Guo Ailun has grown into a domestic top guard, is no longer a lengtouqing rampage. Guo Ailun field season can be life high 19.9 points and 4.2 assists and 4.3 rebounds in the all-around data, the team in Liaoning and the first round of the playoffs against Guangsha Guo Ailun played an important role in Cheap air jordan 12 ovo Liaoning Guangsha team eliminated the first of his. Recently, Guo Ailun is also in the Air Jordan signed a contract to sign million, it is worth mentioning that this is the only one domestic players and AirJordan players to sign contract shoes. Ding Yanyu Airlines was once the center of the Shandong team now fully deserve the Ding Yanyu air field last season were able to get the 24.5 component of pressure Yi Jianlian ranked first in the domestic players! Two shots hit rate reached 51% three point shooting 32.6% Ding not only in the aspect of the data record in color LED is also very well led the team to the playoffs in Shandong was not optimistic situation. In the aspect of personal honor but also beat the men's basketbal Retro jordans for sale l team leader Ding Yan Yu Hang Yi Jianlian MVP. said Yi Jianlian now domestic player plays a veteran role, while Guo Ailun and Ding Yanyu have gradually grown men hang a successor! more attention tide events [EYEE] ~ bee tide fashion,, take you into the forefront of Sneaker, more global limited trendspot waiting for you! no doubt, for stealing a thing, you should hold the attitude will not be tolerated. Generally, people steal interest tendency, think of something for nothing, mostly towards the "treasure" to start, there are certainly some petty thief is caught the opportunity to start, this is not to say. Now back to the well, the protagonist is not the stolen wallet like mobile phone, it is a recent news: a total va cheap foamposites lue of $1 million shoes and stolen.....According to the Losangeles ABC10NEWS8 reported on 11 may, the Losangeles police are looking for clues to the public, cracked to help them, worth about $1 million footwear theft. The in August 6th, in Torrance, California, a mall reported a car full of all kinds of men's and women's shoes container trailer missing, although police found the trailer in two days, but the container of all the shoes "take wings to itself". Although no about a certain brand of affected words, but you are also my guess is probably what home. The most interesting thing is, then the detective actually at a thief "guide", a company in El Monte, where they recover nearly $900 thousand in stolen shoes. bu Retro jordans for sale t now case has not broken, law enforcement officers are still looking for clues to.....Of course, this is not the first shoes stolen, but the amount of money involved was $1 million, and even the container can be easily stolen, it is "turn", "ocean's eleven" in the professional skill of the theft of the team? said, is to profit, besides those "treasure" in the usual sense I did not think now even shoes also indirectly become "money" in the theft of the market (also more than this) can be directly realized. So after you can be more than to worry about mobile phone wallet, even at the foot of the shoe also have to pay attention to. Here we went to check the recent theft of shoes. 1.Nike Vietnam factory value of 1 billion Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping shoe theft is not 1 billion yuan. Is... Vnd, but also nearly 300 thousand rmb. At the beginning of last year, Vietnam local news reports, is located in Hu Zhiming, Nike Vietnam factory stolen a value of 1 billion shoes and accessories. then cracked the case, the original four employees in the factory to crime, so audacious in the extreme. The stolen Nike shoes were hidden in their homes for reselling stolen goods, the police raided the residence after they found the stolen goods, hundreds of shoes and a large number of shoe soles (shoelaces.....). Although the trial to stolen shoes, we can make nothing of it, but if it is not out, ensure domestic shoes market is a good market for them.In the international currency mark cheap jordans for sale et aversion warming, driven by the euro against the dollar recently even low innovation: the central parity of RMB against the euro has been boosted by the rapid rise from this week, and in one fell swoop to break the "9" integer mark. This is not only confusing exports to the exchange rate, but also to the people holding the euro at a loss. apparel export enterprises at Wenzhou shoe enterprises responsible person said, from the beginning of 2006, in order to avoid the risk of exchange rate of RMB appreciation against the dollar, they will export products from the original in dollars into euros. Who knows, "people are not as good as the weather", the second half of this year, the euro fell sharply, the deva Cheap air jordans for sale luation of the RMB faster than the U.S. dollar, so that they have been dependent on exports to Europe, they are not small losses. Zhejiang feisite clothes limited company chairman Cai Tianhuan is also full of worries: since July 15th the euro against the dollar, just a few months time, more than 20% of the depreciation of the euro, the huge pressure of export-oriented enterprises, European importers bewilder. "This time the euro depreciated so much, European importers generally hold two attitudes: first, continue to wait and see, because as long as a single order means loss, importers began not to order to Chinese enterprises.". The two is to continue to drag the payment, even if the contract signed and already arr cheap jordans for sale mens ived, European merchants have expressed a delay for some time, and so the euro revaluation, and then pay." Cai Tianhuan said, although the state has increased the textile and garment export tax rebate ratio, but the exchange rate fluctuations, export enterprises are still quite helpless. what is the currency settlement in the fog of exchange rate fluctuations? Chinese bank Wenzhou branch vice president of Taiwan pine Hu Yiyan believes in what currencies are difficult to avoid enterprises and individuals suffer exchange rate losses, it is important to adopt some means to hedge the exchange rate risk, try to control in the affordable range. At present, the bank introduced "foreign exchange period treasure" and "Euro cheap jordan shoes for men forward settlement and sale" are good hedging methods. (Editor: admin)Zipper already not only the existence of a functional style, fashion design with zipper as decoration and embellishment approach has long been It is quite common for. The new Superstar recently by Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto Yamamoto Teruji and Adidas jointly launched once again demonstrates the design of both the peak attainments. The body of the shoe design will be the traditional three bar to place the zipper show, you will see a red inside zipper pull. While the shoes which applied to soft calfskin, comfortable to wear. 20150122103444_20.jpg (72.22 KB, download number: 13) download adidas x Yohji Yamamoto Zipper Star 2015-1-23 09:24 upload 20150122103450_87.jpg (63.62 KB, download number: 13) download adidas x Yohji Yamamoto Zipper Star 2015-1-23 09:24 upload 20150122103446_47.jpg (74.7 KB, download number: 14) download adidas x Yohji Yamamoto Zipper Star 2015-1-23 09:24 upload 20150122103453_66.jpg (84.33 KB, download number: 12) download adidas x Yohji Yamamoto Zipper Star 2015-1-23 09:24 upload 20150122103455_71.jpg (69.29 KB, download number: 13) download adidas x Yohji Yamamoto Zipper Star 2015-1-23 09:24 upload 20150122103457_1.jpg (101.18 KB, download number: 12) download adidas x Yohji Yamamoto Zipper Star 2015-1-23 09:24 upload as the United Center in Chicago and the most prominent symbol. 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